At the beautiful location Natur.Sinne, situated in the Austrian countryside, featuring a natural swimming pond and sauna, we celebrated intimacy and consent. Over 20 different facilitators, experts on their fields, opened spaces for exploration about sensuality, mindfullness, queer & kinky topics, pleasure, embodiment, relationship dynamics, emotions and empathy.

Lets hear what our participants say about the festival:

” I am so so grateful and happy about joining this festival. You created something so precious and special and wonderful. I love you for this! One of the most beautiful experiences in my live so far.”

“There is not enough that can be said about Jana, Janina and the team! I felt held, cared for, and _beyond_ inspired by both the workshops and the loving, juicy community of adventurers with whom I shared this experience.”

“Thank you! I can’t tell you how glad I am I participated. I want to say and receive more No’s now I know how to handle them- I also feel more secure with my sexuality and me being myself because of all the space being held to just be on whatever journey you are on and being accepted with my fears and all of my feelings.” – Marie


– Intimacy Symposium at the Urania Vienna on June 15th, 11 pm to 4 pm

– 4 days at the eventlocation Kloster Natur.Sinne in the Austrian Countryside (June 16th- 19th)

– Over 30 different workshops on love, emotion, connection, consent & intimacy

– S+ events every night with music and performance, Yoga & self love every morning

– Vegan with vegeterian options food & drinks all-inclusive for 4 days during the festival (non-commercial zone)

– Surrounded by beautiful woods, a natural swimming pond and a sauna

– Shared Community Ride to the location and back (aka Shuttle Service) availible


A loving community full of happy hearts, courageous explorers & rebels of love..

Pictures by Vivien Prahl