VIENNA june 2022

–  VIENNA // June 15th – 19th 2022 // Austria

Let’s explore intimacy, surrounded by nature & woods, with plenty of space to connect & celebrate! 

The Intimate Revolution Festival No. 5 will happen in a beautiful location, surrounded by soft hills, featuring a natural swimming pond and a sauna. Located about an hour south of Vienna, a magnifiecent venue awaits us in the Austrian countryside, the beautiful location Natur.Sinne. The grounds offer space for up to 120 humans – be prepared to experience Intimacy, Love and Connection on the next level. Also check out the facilitators who will co-create the festival with us: 

–  Atma Pöschl (BDSM, Grenzen setzen, Wutkraft, Ohrfeigen)
Sonja Reifenhäuser (Embodiment & Sensuality)
Seani Love (Consent saves the World, Consensual Non-Consent)
Simon Mayer (Internationally booked dancer & choreographer)
Janina Vivianne (Founder of S+ Europe, Sensations Orgy)
– Lisa de la Punz (Twerkshop, Bodylove)
Ariana (Co-Director of the Consent Academy)
Alice Moe / Eric Big Clit Drag (Dragworkshop & Performance)
Oluchukwu Akusinanwa (human rights & queer activist)
Patricia Macamo (S*xual Bodywork & Yoga)
– Andrea (Pain & Pleasure, Playfight, Hysterical Literature)
– Anastasia & Alex (Deepening Relationships & Polyamory)
– Lea & Anna (Bondage & Consent)
Eva & Thalia (Make your own Body Decor)
DJ Jakub Celik (Ecstatic Dance)
– Miriam (Authentic Relating)
– Ella (Let’s explore P*gging) and many more..

Want to participate? We have a few volunteer spots left at the moment. If this is your first Intimate Revolution, please fill out your application first (its a strictly application only event). If this is not your first ride with us, check out our info for volunteers

Curious about our community? Check out our latest festival in Berlin.


– Intimacy Symposium at the Urania Vienna on June 15th, 11 pm to 4 pm

– 4 days at the eventlocation Kloster Natur.Sinne in the Austrian Countryside (June 16th- 19th)

– Over 30 different workshops on love, emotion, connection, s*xuality & intimacy

– S+ events every night with music and performance

– Yoga /movement /meditation classes every morning

– Vegan with vegeterian options food & drinks all-inclusive for 4 days during the festival (non-commercial zone)

– Surrounded by beautiful woods and countryside, a natural swimming pond and a sauna

– Hotel beds plenty availible or bring your own tent

– Shared Community Ride to the location and back (aka Shuttle Service) 


A loving community full of happy hearts, courageous explorers & rebels of love..

This was our festival in Berlin <3