How to create the best experience for everyone

(Code of Conduct)


At The Intimate Revolution, we believe in a conscious and loving approach to our bodies, our sexuality, our health and our fellow humans. Consent is our core value, our common ground.

Here are our ideas in what creates a space where intimacy can thrive:


Consent is key.

At The Intimate Revolution, our aim is to create an atmosphere of mindfullness, mutual respect and empathy. A space where we honour the desires and boundaries of each other and of ourselves, where we ask first and act second. 

We believe that a community based on consent is the only way connection and intimacy can thrive.

We believe that crossing boundaries mostly does not happen out of malicious intent, but of insecurity, wrong expectations, asymmetric power relations, past traumas and/or a lack of awareness. Our event is considered an ‘error friendly’ space, meaning that there is room for growth and improvement. Depending on the severity and circumstances of the consent violation, we will take action, and if necessary, we  reserve the right to exclude people from the festival.  

Please respect not only the boundaries of the body and mind, but also other people’s privacy. This also refers to taking non-consensual pictures and sharing stories that are not your own.

Read more about our understanding of consent here.

(Sexual) health is priceless.

We are encouraging you to inform yourself about safer sex and take action – like getting tested before the festival and/or bringing your favorite safer sex tools along. You are not only taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of the person(s) you are interacting with. Please check out  – an association dedicated to sexual health and awareness regarding STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) –  for more  information.  


Sobriety creates authenticity.

Too often we use various kinds of substances to detach from our feelings or to alter our state of consciousness. While we neither condemn nor condone the use of mind-altering substances in general, we strive for clarity and authenticity during The Intimate Revolution festivals – within ourselves and in our interactions with others.

We are aware that for a lot of people, our festivals are the gateway to sex-positive events, and that consent and intimacy can be difficult to navigate, even for the more experienced, even within a sober mind

Therefore we decided to create a space based on sobriety within The Intimate Revolution and we are inviting you to try it with us, to take a deep dive into intimacy and awareness – together. 

We love our planet. 

We are aware of the dooming ecological crisis and our aim is to make The Intimate Revolution as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. We want to care for the festival grounds and the immediate environment while also considering the global perspective. One big part for us is our nourishment. At our festivals we provide vegan food with vegetarian options, as regionally sourced and organic as possible. Also we encourage shared vehicles, the use of public transport, or simply, using a bike. Recylcing and using eco-friendly materials whenever possible is another part of our mission.

We have a whole team devoted to the topic of nature love, if you want to support us and/or have some excited ideas, please reach out to us via ecoteam(@)

Diversity and Revolution

We support the uninhibited expression of gender, sexualities and bodies.

We celebrate a body neutral, consent aware, queer-feminist and sex-positive mindset.

We take a strong stance against violence, racism, sexism, homo- or transphobia, ableism or any other kind of discrimination; intolerance, call-outs and hate speech will not be tolerated at our festival. 

We are striving to pave the way for a diverse and inclusive community, within and beyond the festival.

We have written down our extensive “Consent & Awareness – Policies & Procedures”, you can read the printed version at the festival, or if you are interested in the document, send us an email and we will send you an access to it. 

We are aware that there will always be gaps in awareness and room for improvement – if there’s something we missed or you have ideas how to make our events safer or more accessible to you, please let us know via contact (@)