How to create the best experience for everyone

(Code of Conduct)


At The Intimate Revolution, we believe in a conscious and loving approach to our bodies, our sexuality, our health and our fellow humans. Awareness is our core value, our common ground.

Here are our ideas in what creates a safe, intimate space:


Only a sober mind can be truly intimate.

Too often we use substances like alcohol or other substances to detach from our feelings or to alter our state of consciousness. The Intimate Revolution strives for authenticity, clarity and truth – within ourselves and in our interactions. We want to create a space based on clear authenticity and we are inviting you to take a deep dive into true intimacy with us.  

Sexual health is priceless.

We are encouraging you to inform yourself about safer sex and take action – like getting tested before the festival and/or bringing your favorite safer sex tools along. You are not only taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of the person(s) you are interacting with. Here is a document with more information.

 Consent is key

A “No” is always a “No”, a “Maybe” is also a “No”, and a “Yes” is only a “Yes” when it is a “Hell Yeah!”. Also, stay aware and listen to body language, some things are said without using any words.  

If we become aware of any unconsensual behaviour, we will have a talk. There are always two sides to a story, and we are willing to listen, learn and resolve. If a second consent violation happens, you will have to leave.