Jana Smiles

Doctor, TedX Speaker & Founder of TIR
Pronouns: she/her


Jana’s journey through the realms of intimacy started as a med student within the kink & polyamory community in Graz, later she managed a sex-positive location in Vienna for two years, worked as a professional cuddler and talked on stage at TedX about Consent – “The Power of Saying No”. In 2018 she founded the Intimate Revolution with the vision to create a culture of consent and open a space for authentic intimacy. In her day job she is a doctor of human medicine and is working towards opening an ordination for sexual medicine.

Find her on insta:

or watch her TedX talk: The Power of Saying No


 Ambassador for sustainability & General support

Pronouns: he/him

Martin’s heart beats for connection and for nature, especially for trees.

He originally studied engineering, developing solar water treatment projects at the Fraunhofer Institute. These days he shares his knowledge about nature and technology, making companies greener, educating the next generation about ecology and how we can adapt to change.

At The Intimate Revolution, he’s focusing on sustainability and working towards making the festival as green and sustainable as possible. 

If you have any requests or ideas, you can contact the environmental team of TIR via: 




Mom, P.A. for people with disabilities & Head of Volunteer Team

Pronouns: she / her

Anne is one of those wonderful, authentic individuals who enrich the world and simply make it a better place with their existance: open-hearted, unafraid to share her thoughts and feelings, she readily embraces  vulnerability while understanding and appreciating it in others. Anne, we cherish you so much! 

In 2019, Anne discovered TIR for the first time, and it was a perfect match from the beginning. Since then, she has been a dedicated member of the Core Team in organizing the festival. As head of volunteers, she maintains a clear overview over staff, tasks, shifts, and all lists… and might occasionally remind you of your duties at the festival with a broom and shovel. 


Culture Manager & Queer Ambassador

Pronouns: she/her

Alex studied cultural management and has co-created a bunch of art festivals in Vienna prior to joining the Intimate Revolution team. With her background, she helps out in many areas, be it negotiations, making a budget or finding the right sponsors. Also as a part of the queer community in Vienna she advices the Intimate Revolution on queer topics and inclusivity. After working for a while as a paramedic, driving through the streets of Vienna and saving lifes, she is currently studying medicine to take her passion for the emergency medicine to the next level.

Despite it being a cliche, Alex is deeply in love with her cat Aria and dreams of finding joy and fullfilment through self-love and indepence, letting go of the past and finding love and relaxation in the ever-fleeting moment.



Master of Coins & Welcoming Team
Pronouns: he/him

Timon is passionate for things as diverse as drumming, numbers, feminism, sex, and golden nail polish. One of his most developed skills is the art of relish.

He thinks that the world urgently needs more glitter and creativity in men’s fashion and is convinced that feminism and queerness might save our planet.

He takes care of the fascinating world of accounting at The Intimate Revolution.


Communication enthusiast
Pronouns: they/them

Ska is dedicated to smashing patriarchal toxicities through the power of intimacy!

They believe that the key for making this world a better place lies in creating & fostering authentic and vulnerability showing relationships – with ourselves and others.

In The Intimate Revolution, Ska is drawing renewed strength for this mission…

…and loves to respond to your emails! and


Facilitator lead & wilderness survivalist
Pronouns: he/him

How do you get a photographer, physicist, expedition coach, project manager and social worker in one person? And how do we fit a wilderness survival guide into a S+ festival?

Well, there is a transition about to happen. Moritz just enrolled in his studies of psychotherapy and has always had great visions about what a healthy society could look like. As The Intimate Revolution is definitely a place where healthy living is being practiced while learning a lot about yourself, Moritz is thrilled about being part of it!




Musician, Sleeper & Speaker

Pronouns: he/him

This is Sam. He doesn’t know what to write about himself. He wishes someone would write this for him…

Sam lives for music, nature, movement and burrito hugs. He spends a lot of time hanging out with weird & wonderful sunshine-humans. (the people who bring rays of sunshine with them everywhere)

He sings. He speaks. He sleeps.
You can check out some of his speaking here:



Enviromental Activist & Rope Artist

Pronouns: she/her

Anna lives and breathes for aliveness and depth. Those two things are central for anything she does; be it holding workshops, being part of s+ spaces, educating and learning about ecology & climate or exploring nature and rock faces. Her guiding star is feeling, experiencing and creating her inner and outer world as fully as possible – and she has found TIR to be an excellent place for that.



Organizational Genius & Former Email Team lead

Pronouns: she/her

Sora joined the organizational team from 2021 to 2023. She loves and shares the values of the Intimate Revolution and helped us spread them through her genius organizational skills in the email lead as well as registration lead. She welcomed us warmly at the symposium and

TIR itself and made sure we had a great start into the festivals! You might see her again at the festival as a workshop facilitator. 


Pendants Design

Pronouns: she/her

Faina is an uprising artist who creates beautiful things with an eye for exquisite aesthetics. In her free time, she is an avid explorer of sexual realms.

Innovation is the realisation of utopias”


Former Team member

Pronouns: they/them

Charmine joined the Intimate Revolution in its early beginnings, and used to be our queer, feminist superpower behind organisation and structure, making sure all runs smooth behind the curtains. 


Soul Angel Lead & Multimedia Artist

Pronouns: no pronoun / she

alpha is a multimedia artist based in Berlin, identifying as white, gender non-conforming, neurodivergent, able-bodied.

alpha loves silence, ambiguity and salted crisps, enjoys playful connection, coincidences and riding bikes.

alpha has joined the team of The Intimate Revolution as alpha believes that love has transformative power and community is the best place to learn, experiment and grow.  



Introvert, Systemic Coaching & Volunteer Orga 

Pronouns: she/her

Hi, I’m Emily, living in Berlin for most of my adult life. Since last year with my tiny dog & growing to love being an introvert.

Big on structuring and feeling – that’s why I am combining my business background with systemic coaching. I enjoy slow & soft connection and firm hugs 🙂



Master of Aesthetic Spaces aka Deco Team Lead

Pronouns: they / them

My vision is to support sex positive spaces with creating an aestehtic frame through light, color and fabric. As I move forward I continiously discover beauty in contrast and variation. I believe in the powerful social impact of the sex-positive movement, especially tangible within The Intimate Revolution, which I have discovered for me as a safe and unique space to encounter and explore.



Soul Angel Lead, Awareness & Activism

Pronouns: no pronouns / Menschi

Diversity Trainer, Enviromental Activist, Social Worker, Awareness Coach

Hello out there, I am Fio. I am a super communicative, outgoing, sexual and sensitive human being. I dream of a better world for everyone, I love deconstructing everything, playfulness, softness, good food and deep talks with strangers.

The IR is the place where I feel free to be who ever I am in that exact moment. I am convinced that we need a revolution that is based on consent, taking care of our own and others boundaries, a lot of softness and healing sexual interactions!


Janina Vivianne

Former Team member
Pronouns: she/her/sometimes queen

Sex-positive activist Janina is spreading consent and sexual awareness all around the globe. Her biggest love-child is, a page dedicated to the sex-positive movement. Also she is the creator of the infamous Parallel Universe events and founding member of the Festival of Sensations. Amongst her talents is also film-making and networking.