Dr. Jana Studnicka


Jana loves to research intimacy in theory and practice. Her vision is to end loneliness and to create a beautiful world with more than enough love and sex for all. Also, cats are great.

Find her on facebook:

or watch her TedX talk: The Power of Saying No

Janina Vivianne

Consent Fairy

The sex-positive activist Janina is spreading consent and sexual awareness all around the globe. Her biggest love-child is, a page dedicated to the sex-positive movement. Amongst her talents is also film-making, networking, being creative and inclusive.

Alex Neksala

Wonderperson // Volunteers and IT

Alex is a theatremaker; creating shows, performances and illusions, on and off stage. Moreover, Alex is also known as a (IT) magician, making fantasies come true using only fingertips. If you look close enough, you can see the sparks.


Creator // Design

Faina is an uprising artist who creates beautiful things with an eye for exquisite aesthetics. In her free time, she is an avid explorer of sexual realms.

Innovation is the realisation of utopias”

Verena / Charmine

Wordmagician // Team Volunteer

Verena is great at writing beautiful words, though her true gift is listening. She is currently travelling the world, exploring new and old ways to meditate. When in Vienna, she’s responsible for good vibes and glitter at techno parties organized by hausgemacht and is part of the awareness team at their sex-positive raves.


Baluu Herzträger

Team Volunteer

Baluu is a gentle human being with a warm smile and a big heart. His passion is to exchange and share wisdom to understand humanity. A free spirit who is always driven to seek knowledge to help other beings on their path and their exploration of the universe. 


Daniel Gepp

Explorer // Photography

Daniel loves to capture the aesthetics of nature through his lens. He gains his superpowers by eating raw food only. His passions include polyamory, travelling the world and enjoying life with tropical vibes.

Daniel Gepp Photography

or find him on Instagramm: danielgepp



Happy Human

Likes dancing with clothes on, loves dancing naked. In her freetime, she is chasing tropical fruit for new flavors and collecting seashells on white beaches. Enjoying life and people, the beauty and  the pleasure of being alive. Promoting a vegan and raw food based lifestyle, for the health and happiness of all.



IT & Sunflower

Franka is all about intimate connections and high emotional commitment.  Her work is dedicated to becoming a muse and she enjoys to exist, experience and feel.  She loves all colours and the variety and change the world offers.


Marc Seestaedt

Safer Sex Fairy

Marc Seestaedt  is passionate about sexual health, especially in the fields of ethical non-monogamy and playparties in Berlin. He created a hands-on Safer Sex Guide and co-created the song ‘Even The Cutest Kittens Have Fleas’. Marc lives and works as a visual artist, festival organizer, and toy instrumentalist in Berlin. 

read up on Safer Sex on his published article in ZEIT:  Safer Sex in Berlin



Social Butterfly // Team Volunteer

Matthias loves people, talking with them, teaching them about talking, being on and off stage. This guy knows how to have a good time. And even in not so good times, he is an inspiration for others, supporting and empowering, making this world a bit brighter with his charm.