Dr. Jana Studnicka

 Founder & President
Pronouns: she/her

Jana loves to research intimacy & consent in theory and practice. Her vision is to end loneliness and to create a beautiful world with more than enough intimacy and great sex for all. In real life she works a a doctor and dreams of opening an ordination for sexual medicine.

Find her on facebook:

or watch her TedX talk: The Power of Saying No

Janina Vivianne

Head of Strategy, Logistics & Decoration
Pronouns: she/her/sometimes queen

Sex-positive activist Janina is spreading consent and sexual awareness all around the globe. Her biggest love-child is, a page dedicated to the sex-positive movement. Also she is the creator of the infamous Parallel Universe events. Amongst her talents is also film-making, networking, being creative and inclusive.


 Ambassador for sustainability

Pronouns: he/him


Martin’s heart beats for connection and nature, especially trees. He originally studied engineering, developing solar water treatmant projects at the Fraunhofer Institute. These days he shares his knowledge about nature and technology, making companies greener, educating the next generation about ecology and how we can adapt to change. He is focusing on sustainabilty at The Intimate Revolution and working towards making the festival as green and sustainable as possible. 

You can contact the enviromental team of TIR via:





Anne Gehren

Head of Team Volunteer

Pronouns: she / her

Heya! I’ve been part of the sex+ Community for some years now, organising workshops and festivals here and there. Two years ago, I went to the Intimate Revolution for the first time and yeah- I like it here and plan to stay a little longer. 

I will be the one to make the schedules with the volunteers and maybe also the one who goes looking for them in some workshop when they forget their shift. Probably with a whip in my hand 😉

Baluu Herzträger

Heart, Soul & Hugs // Team Volunteer

Pronouns: he/him

Baluu is a gentle human being with a warm smile and a big heart. His passion is to exchange and share wisdom to understand humanity. A free spirit who is always driven to seek knowledge to help other beings on their path and their exploration of the universe. 



Organisational Genius

Pronouns: they/them

I became part of the Intimate Revolution team because I believe we need an Intimate Revolution. Currently I am traveling and volunteering in Europe and being part of the Core Team on the side. 

I am 26 years old, an open minded and kinky person (especially ropes/shibari) and like to explore and experience new things. See you at TIR! 


Alex Kopciak

Head of IT
Pronouns: they / them

Alex is a theatremaker; creating shows, performances and illusions, on and off stage. Moreover, Alex is also known as a (IT) magician, making fantasies come true using only fingertips. If you look close enough, you can see the sparks.


Team Participation // Spiritual Intimacy

Pronouns: he/him

Andrej is an emphatic explorer at heart. He loves to dive deep into topics that are related to intimacy, consciousness, and spirituality. He also teaches people how to meditate and better understand their mindset & psychology and facilitates workshops on Spiritual Intimacy at The Intimat Revolution.


Master of Coins
Pronouns: he/him

Timon is passionate for things as diverse as drumming, numbers, feminism, sex, and golden nail polish. One of his most developed skills is the art of relish. He thinks that the world urgently needs more glitter and creativity in men’s fashion and is convinced that feminism and queerness might save our planet. He takes care of the fascinating world of accounting at The Intimate Revolution.

Daniel Gepp

Pronouns: he/him

Daniel loves to capture the aesthetics of nature through his lens. He gains his superpowers by eating raw food only. His passions include polyamory, travelling the world and enjoying life with tropical vibes.

Daniel Gepp Photography

or find him on Instagramm: danielgepp



Ticket Design
Pronouns: she/her

Faina is an uprising artist who creates beautiful things with an eye for exquisite aesthetics. In her free time, she is an avid explorer of sexual realms.

Innovation is the realisation of utopias”