This was The Intimate Revolution Festival Berlin!!! 


// Testimonials //


“I’m really happy to be part of that experience.. it was so human, so beautiful!” (by L.)

“I’ve told many friends about this with shining eyes. You created a wonderful, wonderful space – a perfect mix of safety, boundaries, awareness, mindfulness and exploration, kink, pleasure, excitement. (..) I truly hope it will happen again next year, because I will be there.” (by D.E.)


“It is a very unique experience, I highly recommend this to everyone who seeks spiritual growth! It can open up your heart, you can gain a deeper understanding of self and experience a very deep level of connection to others and the universal love.” (by Meike Z.)


“The workshops were great, but what I am grateful for is the feeling that everything was ok. It was my first serious experience in a sex-positive environment and I was very anxious upon arrival. (…) I have slowly floated into a positive, erotic, calm interaction with the marvelous beings around me.”  (by J.T.)