BERLIN july 2022

This was the final Intimate Revolution festival of 2022!

Again we celebrated at Spitzmühle near Berlin. Facilitating workshops were: Wilrieke Sophia, Seani Wild Love, Sonja Reifenhäuser, Jeremy Shrubs, Haneen Khan, Patricia Macamo, Sanya Alaya, Luna Agneya, Umtata, Ella, Andrej Liebemann and Janina Vivianne.  For music, joining us will be: DJ Jakub Celik, DJane Alma.Omega, Avi & friends from Bukahara.

This is what our participants say about it: 

“Thank you so much for the protected space for intimacy you created. It was exactly what I have been looking for, the thing I longed for so deeply. This experience has changed me, I am not anymore the same human as before. Thank you.”

“Beautiful work. I was overwhelmed at times , but the format of the festival and the people that you attract are truly feeling like home to me. The festival helped me discover a hidden part of me that wanted to be seen and honoured. It showed me that the ethical slut has a right to be and a safe space to play. As a sexually traumatized person I never felt that safe in my sexuality. So thank you for creating the space for that.” – Katja

“I loved: The location, the people, the energy, that consent (and the other TIR values) was a real theme and not just a side story, that it’s so beginner-friendly (at any moment there was enough alternatives if you don’t want to be intimate with someone) as well as the sharing circles and the digital detox.”

Pics by Vivien Prahl, Program design by Sam


– An Intimate Revolution Festival Pass for July 27th  – 31st starting with the Intimacy Symposium on Wednesday in Berlin, followed by 4 days at the Spitzmühle, surrounded by woods and nature, one hour north of Berlin

– yoga classes every morning by Patricia Macamo & self love workshops by Janina Vivianne

– 20+ workshops by international love, s*x and intimacy experts during the day

– s*xpositive events every night (No Talent Show, Ecstatic Dance, Parallel Universe – an adult playground)

– all-inclusive food & drinks for 4 days (vegan with vegeterian options, this festival is a non-commercial zone)

– sleeping options: matress camp, bring your own tent or camper van

– a community of s*xpositive, consent-aware rebels <3