Festival Year 2024

Festival Year 2024


Spitzmühle Berlin // UNICORNLAND // july 24th – 28th 

Spitzmühle Berlin // SLVTDRAGONS // august 1st – 4th

In 2024, we celebrate our 10th festival with a special treat – the double feature UNICORNLAND & SLVTDRAGONS!!

Final ticket Sale is on May 12th, 6 pm

Again, the beautiful Spitzmühle at Bötzsee will be hosting us – check out our location, here are some pics from our last festival at Spitzmühle in 2023



For our 9th edition of The Intimate Revolution festival 24th – 28th of July in Berlin we are very warmly welcoming you to our UNICORNLAND edition! Starting soft and juicy, this 9th TIR edition celebrates in a slumber party style, giving lots of space for VULNERABILITY, integrity and PLAYFULNESS.

Unicornland is the more beginner-friendly, rainbow-sprinkled version of TIR and is the perfect place for you if you are questioning – who tf am I really? And how can I show up as my authentic, juicy self?

On board will be Wilrieke Sophia, Mx Gili, Patricia Macamo, Lukas Geschwind, Ella Shields, Jeremy Shrubs, Till & Shir, Lani del Mar, Clarita and many more.


For our 10th festival edition in August, we awaken our inner beasts: We are going for the BIG BANG with a lot of KINK, bondage, spanking and PLEASURE.

SLYTDRAGON is a space to release your inner slvt and unleash the monster(s) in your bed. We advise this for more experienced folx.

Our dungeons masters and space holders for this festival will include Seani Love, Andy Buru, Wilrieke Sophia, Mx Gili, Patricia Macamo, Lani del Mar, Eva Kei and many more.

The Intimate Revolution is a community project by the Austrian non-profit association, the Academy for Intimacy and Awareness.    

Read more about our philosophy and values here