BERLIN may 2022


This was the Intimate Revolution // BERLIN in May 2022! 

Sharing their workshop magic were Wilrieke Sophia, Seani Love, Sonja Reifenhäuser, Andy Buru, Janina Vivianne, Andrej, Beatka Absalon, Lisa de la Punz and many more. Let’s here what our participants said about it:

“What I love most about this festival: The vibe, joyfulness and the very much open minded, loving, human beings, special blending.”

“I loved the sense of safety that was build up though the constant reminders of consent. I felt that the community principles are actually lived and practiced on daily basis. I loved the permission to be me, to be sensual, sexual, alive and expressive.”

“I just wanted to thank you for this festival. Starting from thursday noon until the end of the festival I felt as if I was high. Never before in my life I have been this extremly happy for such a long time. Thank you for making this possible.

Ps: I would like to join again as a Volunteer. Looking forward to the next festival already!”

“Thank you so much, you rock!”

We are aware that a picture says more than a thousand words.. So check out some beautiful fotos by Vivien Prahl (Insta @vivien.prahl) taken at The Intimate Revolution and our program below.

PS: Regarding Corona: Again, we had ZERO infections on site, following our Corona policy. 

Photos by Vivien Prahl (


– An Intimate Revolution Festival Pass for May 11th – 15th

– Our Intimacy Symposium on Wednesday at KulturMarktHalle in Berlin, a day full of talks & performance

– followed by 4 days (Thursday – Sunday) at the Spitzmühle, surrounded by woods and nature, one hour north of Berlin

– s*xpositive events every night, (cuddle night, ecstatic dance, Parallel Universe – an adult playground)

 – yoga / meditation/ movement classes every morning,

– 20+ workshops by international love, s*x and intimacy experts

– all-inclusive food & drinks for 4 days (vegan with vegeterian options, this festival is a non-commercial zone)

– sleeping options: matress camp, bring your own tent or camper or upgrade to a hotel bed

– a community of s*xpositive, consent-aware rebels <3

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