F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions)




What is The Intimate Revolution?

The Intimate Revolution is an European intimacy festival inviting you to explore intimacy and connection, and was founded by Dr Jana Studnicka in Vienna 2018. It is inspired by the values of the sex-positive movement, emphasizing consent, awareness regarding sexual health and cherishing sexuality as an empowering force in our life. The Intimate Revolution wants to end loneliness and bad sex by nurturing connection and intimacy in a disconnected world. 

What happens at the festival? What do we actually do?

On the first day, we will explore intimacy on a rational basis – with lectures, in the style of TedX, at a local university or similar educational institute. The following days are filled with workshops during the day and nighttime events. You can also check out our past events, like our festival in BERLIN 2019 or VIENNA 2019 for further details on what happens, or simply send us an email with all your questions – we are happy to help. 

How can I participate?

There are many ways to participate. For example, you can apply for one of our events, answer the question – “what is consent to you?” and join the next festival. Or you can like our facebook group and become part of our online community. Or maybe you can hug a friend, a partner or yourself, today. Intimacy starts when we authentically connect with others or ourselves, and it is right there, even in the most ordinary moments of our daily lifes.

What is the goal of The Intimate Revolution?

We want to end loneliness and bad sex. We believe that these issues are rooted in our culture´s disability to connect authentically, and we want to create spaces where conenction can thrive and grow. Our goal is a world rich in connection, intimacy, sensuality and pleasure fueled by empathy and consent. 

I’m curious, but also shy/afraid/nervous. Do I need any specific knowledge or experience to join the festival?

For a fact, for many, The Intimate Revolution is a first experience of the sex-positive realm. In this way, there is no specific experience needed beforehand, however we encourage everyone to educate themselves on consent and get familiar with our code of conduct before attending the festival. Also we always offer beginner workshops, where the pace is rather easy and relaxing, as much as advanced workshops for those who are a bit more experienced. We also have the Soul Angel Team to support all of us on our journey. If any (more) questions or doubts come up, always feel free to reach out to us – we love to support you!   

What is a sex-positive space/ festival?

A sex-positive space is a space where sex is considered good and healthy, where sex is always a possibility, but never an obligation. Furthermore, it promotes sexual health, awareness regarding STIs (sexually transmittable infections ) and consent. A good source for sex-positive content is:  https://sex-positive.com/, a good source for content on sexual health and STIs is this platform: www.sex-aware.org

Is the event in English or German?

Most of our guests come from German speaking countries, however we invite many top-notch international workshop facilitators and always have some participants from far corners of the world, who are not fluent in German. To build a bridge between people who speak only German or English, we have translators assisting in the workshops and during the festival, and so far this has worked out quite well. 

Is the event for couples or singles or.. ? 

The event is for people in all different relationships forms  – singles, couples, ménage à trois, polycules.. the possibilties are only limited by the capacity of your heart (and time, probably). There will be a few workshops where a partner is recommended, (like for back massage or advanced bondage)  but often you can find one at the festival and just partner up before. So whether you bring your partner(s) or you experience this revolution on your own – Choose what makes you happy 🙂 

We are aware that there will always be blind spots and room for improvement – if there’s something we missed or you have ideas how to make our events safer or more accessible to you, please let us know via contact@theintimaterevolution.com