This was The Intimate Revolution Festival Berlin!!! 


// Testimonials //


“I’m really happy to be part of that experience.. it was so human, so beautiful!” (by L.)

“I’ve told many friends about this with shining eyes. You created a wonderful, wonderful space – a perfect mix of safety, boundaries, awareness, mindfulness and exploration, kink, pleasure, excitement. (..) I truly hope it will happen again next year, because I will be there.” (by D.E.)


“It is a very unique experience, I highly recommend this to everyone who seeks spiritual growth! It can open up your heart, you can gain a deeper understanding of self and experience a very deep level of connection to others and the universal love.” (by Meike Z.)


“The workshops were great, but what I am grateful for is the feeling that everything was ok. It was my first serious experience in a sex-positive environment and I was very anxious upon arrival. (…) I have slowly floated into a positive, erotic, calm interaction with the marvelous beings around me.”  (by J.T.) 

// Our workshop facilitators //

Ilan Stephani


“How do we un-learn culture and find our way back to an ecstatic life?” 

Ilan Stephani is a passionate body explorer, facilitating workshops and talks on sexuality, healing trauma, embodiment and ecstasy. In October 2017 she published her book “Lieb und Teuer”, in which she reflects on her two years as a prostitute, which became a bestseller.


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Seani Love


I’m Seani Love – a discreet, professional, fun-loving erotic and spiritual adventurer who works with intimacy, erotic ritual, NeoTantra and other forms of sacred sensuality.

I love exploring the dark places of the human shadow as much as I love to explore the light. My expertise is in taking my clients and groups on journeys into bliss, surrender and empowerment using the tools of Conscious Kink, Sacred Sexuality, NeoTantra and more.


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Dr. Diva

Dr. Diva is a player, creator, performer, presenter of kinky workshops („Dirty Talk“, „Changing Reality“, „Love Laboratory“, „Shame“ and many more). He is also an actor, director and writer for stage and screen.

„My kink is: connection. If you really see the other, if you are truly meant by the other – a quantum leap will happen with your desire, lust and love. And this is so much greater than the perfect ass or the most beautiful eyes. It leads from „I want“ to a shared moment, a magical dance, and be it only for one night.”

Sonja Reifenhäuser

Sonja Reifenhäuser is a systemic coach, body therapist and mental trainer. She is on her journey to find naked authenticity, honesty and courage, and is supporting and empowering others on their path.

“To take hold of something is easy. To touch and feel, that is an art.”

Alessandro Pedori

“I love spaces and situations where people are open to trust each other and themselves, and dare to explore, create and play. When I can, I try to facilitate these spaces.”

Alessandro Pedori is passionate about making apparently contradictory worlds, like BDSM and Tantra,  work together by finding and sharing techniques and learning from others. His projects include “body for brainiacs”, the Relationship Cookbook, the “adult playground”, consent as a tool to play and discover safely, and, most recently, “Real Fake Tantra”.

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Hanna and Markus (

Hanna and Markus have been creating spaces of love and conscious sexuality since 2017. Together they are

Markus is a free lover. An artist. A soft man. He lives and explores an open partnership with Hannah and other beings. He is on a quest to find a new masculinity, one that includes softness, vulnerability and loving connections, alongside curiosity, strength and consent.


Hanna is a self-employed economy psychologist, teaching on leadership, mediation and non-violent communication. In addition to lecturing about psychology and gender, she gives workshops on polyamory, female lust, alternative family models and relationships.

Sarah Macías

Sarah Macías is a performance artist. Passionate about art and healing, she fusionates both to create spaces in which others and herself can utilise art & dance for their well-being. She is known for body-painting, dance-painting and organizes workshops to empower individuals through body-positivity (e.g. breast-painting), self-love and intimacy. 


Andrea holds degrees in physics and education and is training as shiatsu and tantric practitioner. Since 2013, bodywork and sex-positivity have brought focus to his interest in the body as a key element in connecting with personal and shared emotions and thoughts. He started his bodyworker journey through sports massage and delved deeper through shiatsu and tantric massage. He organizes low-threshold events offering wider access to emotional and sexual bodywork. 


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Sawa is a rope artist and teacher from Berlin. She is exploring from her dual background in martial arts and systemic coaching new ways and approaches to human (inter-)connectivity and somatic evolving around rope and Shibari. Based on her educational background as a geoscientist and buddhist, she shifts through the interplay of science and spirituality. 

Sarah-Aleihsa & Philipp

Sarah-Aleihsa moves in the complex worlds between motherhood, community projects, her exploration of alternative relationship concepts and her own creative expression in the world.

Philipp holds a PhD in social movement research. Through his own queer practice, he studies the interface between manhood, partnership and social change.