The Intimacy Symposium

The Intimacy Symposium is the foreplay to our festival.

Inspired by TedX, we bring to you s+ topics like consent, safer sx, queer, kink and the art of having fullfilling relationships- all brought to you in easy-to-digest 10-20 min long slots by our workshop facilitators, experts and actvists, with performance in between.

And the best – it’s free for everyone. Bring you friends, family, loved ones, polycule.. we are happy to welcome you.


July 24th 2024, 11am-6pm


BERLIN: Kulturmarkthalle Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

Check out our program and videos below from previous Intimacy Symposium’s:


For a deeper insight, check out our best-of videos from the last years:

Rope performance by Lea & Anna:

Talk by Ilan Stephani:

Talk by Seani Love:

Talk by Tadzio Müller:

Talk by TIR founder Jana Studnicka:

..and check out our pics from our Intimacy Sympoisum over the last years: