The Intimate Revolution in Vienna happened again at the beautiful Natur.Sinne, here is what our participants say about it:

“This is truly a space for a revolution. Being vulnerable. Showing our true selfs bit by bit. Being held by each other. Going through all the emotions. Pain, anger, fear. And oh – so much joy and pleasure. What a crazy, lovely and meaningful ride. The world needs more spaces like this! Endless love to you all!”

“Thank you for pouring so much of your heart and energy into this!”

“A healing place to feel all your feelings, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Ooh, and the sexy ones!”

You can also take a look at our program below, or read more about our workshops here: Workshop description doc



– An Intimate Revolution Festival Pass for July 26th – 30th

– s*xpositive events every night, (cuddle night, ecstatic dance, playspace)

 – meditation/ movement classes every morning

– 25+ workshops by international s+, queer, kinky consent experts

– all-inclusive food & drinks (vegan with vegeterian options, this festival is a non-commercial zone)

– a community of s*xpositive, consent-aware rebels  (150-200 people in total at the festival)

– camping, camper van all inclusive, hotel rooms optional

– also optional: Shuttle bus from Vienna to Natur.Sinne there & back again


Patricia Macamo (she/her)


I’m Patricia, 30 yo and living in Dresden, Saxony. My journey started with my own health issues, questions around my s*xuality and these topics in general. I got curious and at some point I realised I am here on earth to help other people, to talk about “difficult” topics and about my own experiences. As a Sexological Bodyworker I am trained to work on a somatic level. For me, it’s all about deep listening, seeing people and holding space for them to express themselves in a honest and self-determined way. I think, in doing this and helping them finding their way home, healing and growing just becomes a beautiful byproduct.


Instagram: @patriciamacamo



Lea & Anna aka. Unfurling 

Lea Rigo (she/her/they)

Lea is a s+ workshop-facilitator, sx educator, cultural and social anthropologist and recently graduated psychosocial counselor. She creates safer spaces where people learn to feel themselves and especially their body (more). The topics most dear to her heart are consent, breaking taboos on grief, nonviolent communication, empowerment, playing and experimenting with ropes in a bodywork context.

Anna Peer (she/her)

Anna is a facilitator of empowerment experiences. The topics of her work include embodiment, wilderness mentoring, feminine leadership and youth sex education. Central to everything she does – be it workshops, trainings, group processes, … – is her desire for depth and aliveness. This desire to feel, experience and form her inner and outer world as fully as possible also flows into her tieing style. Anna holds spaces with mindfulness and a good dose of humour, bringing lightness into deep processes.



Mette Koppelaar (he/they)

Mette’s journey of dressing outside the gender norms made him passionate about a world in which people express themselves authentically—whatever that means to them. Mette works full-time on @TheAuthenticityBook, has organized multiple editions of @NibanaFestival, and is always looking for ways to support an expressive and diverse world.

He believes that playgrounds like The Intimate Revolution enable us to experiment with new sides of ourselves and define our own truth. As Master of Ceremony, he’s committed to creating a safe bedding for those who are lucky enough to attend. Mette will guide the opening, closing, and celebration circles, as well as the morning gatherings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Insta: @koppelaar

Janina Vivianne (she / her)

is an intimacy coach, sx educator, and event organizer based in Vienna.

As a passionate advocate for sexual empowerment and self-acceptance, she is dedicated to creating safer spaces that support individuals who’re on their Sex- & Body-Positive explorative journeys to self-fulfillment.

In her workshops she focuses on fostering connections through deepening intimacy, all while practicing selflove & building consent skills.

Janina is the visionary behind The Parallel Universe  – An Adult Playground and the Festival of Sensations, both organized by the Loslasssen Association.




 is a multidisciplinary artist, organizer and facilitator, and a member of the Iconic House of Ninja. As CEO of EatSlayLove, Plenvm has been opening up spaces for the Viennese Ballroom community since 2016. Plenvm continues to educate and through workshops, panels and interactive performances, stimulating conversations around the realities of queer and trans lives, the destigmatization of sex work, and structural diversity that goes beyond a visual aesthetic, and many other relevant topics.


Mx Gili (they/them)

Mx. Gili (they/them) facilitates experiences and education around consent, intimacy and relating. Their work highlights permission and trauma awareness.

As an aspirant of devotional Tantra, Gili aligns with an approach founded in love, presence, nondualism and ritual. These practices are further informed by a Queer understanding of life, sexuality, and gender as abundant spectrums and a commitment to challenging power structures and paradigms which act to indoctrinate and dissociate body from spirit.

Drawing from training in a wide variety of modalities, they offer an integrated practice of expressing, experiencing, and honouring the wholistic body through intimacy, touch, communication, movement, trauma integration, shadow work, pleasure, and play.

– /




Lisa de la Punz (she/they)

 Lisa studied costume design and used to work in film and media before discovering their love for self-awareness, body positivity and smashing the patriarchy.

She is a passionate dancer, a curious self-explorer and a committed creator of safer spaces for people to be themselves in.

She truly believes that all bodies are beautiful and that consent and boundaries make the world a better place. She likes to incorporate both in her workshops which she teaches in different communities and fields.  

Instagram: @lisadelapunz

April Perin Wogenburg (she/her)

April is a traveller of the hidden domains of the psyche, who aids to break people’s patterns of mind and body, which are keeping them stuck. As a writer, bodyworker, and mind/body guide, April combines ancient practices and self-created techniques to unearth people’s most intuitive, playful, wise, and animalistic powers within. Her work is rooted in the belief that we are the sole carriers of our truth and that the wisdom we seek will always be found within ourselves.

Insta @aprilsplayground



Ella Shield

I am Ella (they/them) a queer workshop facilitator and general fun human. With a background in psychology and cultural anthropology combined with delving deep into the Berlin consent scene, I spent many years analyzing society, culture, and human relating. I now want to share these thoughts I’ve had and create playful learning environments for other people to fail and learn and discover who they are and how to relate to others.



Jakub_ DJ Native Mind (he/him)

Jakub Cerulík – DJ Native Mind is an Ecstatic Dance DJ, professional dance performer, somatic coach and facilitator of somatics, embodiment and intuitive dance.

While his studies of Dance theatre and performance art he has focused on the use of the performative arts and expressive therapies in the field of personal growth.

Influenced by this practice he creates sugesstive musical journeys which make opportunities for integrative experience by activating physical, emotional and imaginative functions of personality.

During his Ecstatic Dance set you will have an opportunity to dance playfully and freely through a wave of contrasting emotions composed into a complex storyline, which will bring you through deep catharsis into a brightful ecstasy.


Luana Brückner (she/they)


Luana Brückner is a political education speaker who speaks and teaches on criticism of racism and the intersections of discrimination and tries to disclose working dynamics of power structures, which lead to the hierarchies in which we live now. Coming from a place of personal affection she went from the path of activism to a place of education, for others and herself. “Nothing ligths up my heart more, then seeing people open up for each other and going inwards to seek the future we secretly all invision or wish for, maybe in different forms, but a future which is filled with love.”, she says.

Piero Flor (no pronoun)

Piero considers themselves polysensual, bicurious, genderqueer, justice seeker and mystic lover. Piero lives and works in Ghent as a trauma-informed and body-oriented intimacy coach, (cuddle) workshop facilitator and process facilitator.

Piero has a background in emancipatory education and activism on a wide variety of topics such as climate justice and anti-racism. In recent years Piero’s work has increasingly focused on the topics of intimacy, consent, gender and inclusion. 

Piero wants to inspire people to experience intimacy more consciously and together move beyond taboos, blockages, violence and traumas. Piero dreams of a world in which self-care and self-actualization go hand in hand with love, justice, equality and solidarity.




Lian Quintana-Abraham (she/her)

Lian lives and works in Vienna as a physiotherapist and yoga teacher. She studied Peace and Conflict transformation in her master’s and is currently active in different projects and communities that have consent, body/sex positivity, and youth empowerment as their focus.

Her professional focus lies on supporting people in different phases of life and facilitating their transformation towards feeling peaceful, strong, pleasurable and embodied. 


Sora (they/them)

Hi there! My name is Sora (they/them) and I moved to Vienna about a year ago after spending most of my adult life in Berlin. I give workshops about consent, LGBTQIA* awareness + language, BDSM and gentle touch / cuddling. After visiting over 20 cuddleparties myself I decided to do the training as a cuddle party host at KuschelRaum in Berlin and started hosting cuddleparties in Vienna End of 2022 (in German and English). I combine my knowledge about consent, safe(r) spaces, non violent communication and other tools to create a space where everybody is welcome.

website: (no www or anything in front please!

instagram: @sora.workshops 


Andrea (he/him)

After studying physics and education, Andrea worked as a researcher followed by jobs with international organizations and as a security professional. To add some confusion, he decided to start bodywork and studied Shiatsu and Tantric massage until deciding to create his own strain focused on consciously mixing pain and pleasure. He is now studying psychotherapy.

Body- and sex-positivity are at the core of Andrea’s social engagement. He is focusing on organizing low-threshold events offering safer, non-judgemental spaces emphasising  emotional or sensual connections.

Homepage: /

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