The Intimate Revolution in Vienna is happening again at the beautiful Natur.Sinne: 


JULY 26th – 30th 2023

For this year we are already completly sold out. However in case someone returns their ticket, just put your email on our waiting list and we will contact you:  VIENNA waiting list

Join us into a venture into the depths of human connection, accompanied by great facilitators, experts in the art of sensuality and relating, indulge in 30+ different workshops, enticing night time festivities, the lake, the sauna, organic  vegan food with vegeterian options and a loving community. Lets explore intimacy & connection – together <3

Check out our festival in 2022 to get a feel for the location here

Or just have a look at out our pictures from previous festivals: 



– An Intimate Revolution Festival Pass for July 26th – 30th

– s*xpositive events every night, (cuddle night, ecstatic dance, playspace)

 – meditation/ movement classes every morning

– 20+ workshops by international love, s*x and intimacy experts

– all-inclusive food & drinks (vegan with vegeterian options, this festival is a non-commercial zone)

– a community of s*xpositive, consent-aware rebels  (150-200 people in total at the festival)

– camping, camper van all inclusive, hotel rooms optional

The Ticket sale will start in the beginning of April, on two dates: April 6th, 6pm and April 9th, 9 am. As our last festival was sold out within a fifteen minutes, we recommend to send us an email to get your name on our priority list and get an early access.  

Also, quick reminder this is an application only event. Simply fill your today to be able to participate: