“I came to have sex. What I found was.. Love.” (Alex H.)


“Lovely, awesome, empowering experience on a solid foundation. Thank you so much for creating and holding this space!” 

“Nouvelle révolution: liberté, adelphité, intimité!”

“You are an amazing team. I am absolutely grateful for this experience, I felt seen, nurtured, loved and safe. I hope you can feel the love you (re)generated.” (Alpha)


Once again, we were SOLD OUT within a few days,

so if you want to be first in line for our future festivals, fill out your application now:


Photos by Talisano ( Insta i_tal_siano)


– An Intimate Revolution Festival Pass for September 1st – 5th starting with the Intimacy Symposium on Wednesday in Berlin, followed by 4 days at the Spitzmühle, surrounded by woods and nature, one hour north of Berlin

– s*xpositive events every night, (cuddle night, ecstatic dance, Parallel Universe – an adult playground)

 – yoga / meditation/ movement classes every morning,

– 30+ workshops by international love, s*x and intimacy experts – Wilrieke Sophia, Sonja Reifenhäuser, Sanya Alaya and more..

– all-inclusive food & drinks for 4 days (vegan with vegeterian options, this festival is a non-commercial zone)

– sleeping options: matress camp, bring your own tent or camper or upgrade to a hotel bed

– a community of s*xpositive, consent-aware rebels <3

For more Info about our program and our amazing facilitators, performers, DJs and artists & their workshop descriptions,

 check out this document

 PS: you can also download our program overview HERE