The Castle // June 10 th – 14th 2020 // Austria


Let’s explore intimacy on a whole new level, surrounded by nature & woods, with plenty of space to connect, indulge, play & celebrate! 

The Intimate Revolution Festival No. 3 will happen in a beautiful castle, complete with enchanted woods, undisturbed and peaceful. Located in the middle of nowhere, a magnificent venue awaits us in the Austrian countryside. The grounds offer space for up to 200 humans – be prepared to experience Intimacy, Love and Connection on the next level.


We are happy to confirm that Melissa Tofton, Seani Love, Sonja Reifenhäuser and Dara & Simon will be facilitating workshops at The Castle in June <3   


Early Bird Tickets are availble now 





Intimacy Symposium in Vienna on June 10th

4 days in a Castle in the Austrian Countryside (June 11th -14th)

Over 50 different workshops on love, emotion, connection, s*xuality & intimacy

S*x-positive events every night with music and performance

Yoga / movement / meditation classes every morning

Food & Drinks all-inclusive for 4 days at the Castle (non-commercial zone)

Surrounded by beautiful woods and countryside & lake nearby (10 min)

Camping on the Castle grounds or upgrade to a Castle bed

Shared Community Ride to the Castle and back (aka Shuttle Service) 


A loving community full of happy hearts, courageous explorers & rebels of love..