Intimacy in Crisis

After a year of running The Intimate Revolution successfully, two sold out festivals in 2019, and our first real team retreat, 2020 seemed like our year. No longer would we stumble into new territory with all the festival organisation, but we would have an actual plan, a great team and at least some experience; we would ace the orga stuff and could finally fine-tune the community celebrations and making everyone feel happy and welcome and..

..and then Corona hit us like a wrecking ball, shattering those dreams.

We do not know when intimacy events can happen again.
It might take months, or years. The world might never be the same after this. 

And yes, we – the team – have felt it all: Sadness, anxiety, fear, anger, grief. 

But in the end there was.. acceptance

 The world will keep on turning, we will keep on loving, and this Revolution is far from over. 
Even if we have to postpone festivals for now. Even if we have to change our plans and our lifes. Even if we have to find new ways to be intimate with each other. 

Know that you are never alone in this, and that we all have to stand together, especially in times of crisis. And that it is not #socialdistancing but rather #distantsocializing we have to practice these days.

Loneliness, depression, anxiety can be as much a killer as a lethal virus. So let’s discover new ways to stay connected, let’s support each other and be a community! If there’s anything you want to share with us, please reach out – via email, social media or any other channel. 

Let us stand together.. and when all this is over, let us come together again and celebrate intimacy